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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Sweet Poison"

(Apologies to those who miss the radio segment but follow this blog.  
I've missed adding a few of last week's topics to the blog.

Over the past few years my health condition has made a few things more difficult and the past few weeks even more so....I will try to add all topics here but to here all topics tune into Grant Goldman's morning breakfast radio program on Sydney's 1269AM or The Super Network of radio stations or listen online on just after 7am for my comments.)

The Nine Network's "60 Minutes" program had an interesting segment on Sunday Night

highlighting the the dangers of sugar to human health.

This issue confuses a lot of people, but it is quite simple and I dare suggest that sugar is just as dangerous to our health as the 60 Minutes segment pointed out.

There are many nutritionists who will tell us that ten teaspoons a day or around 50 grams of sweet white refined sugar is perfectly OK for us but 86 grams of sugar in a can of soft drink is dangerous and harmful for our health.

But you actually have to dig a little deeper into the issue than the 60 Minutes report did before you start to understand the real dangers of sugar.

And when I say sugar I don’t just mean white table sugar or sugar added to foods and condiments like bread and bakery products and even things like tomato sauce.  

When you talk about the dangers of sugar you also have to include High Fructose Corn Syrups, Fructose, Dextrose, Sucrose and even carbohydrates.  

As we all know they break down into sugar in the blood stream.

It is in the blood stream where the issue is relevant.

In his book The pH Miracle
The approach...

(see note below)

Dr Robert Young explains the research that he and many others have been doing for a long time but has been overlooked because it is a hard message to hear if you love the sweet taste of sugar.

He explains that a balanced diet is about balancing those foods, like carbs and sugar,  that make our blood acidic with 4 times more of the foods 

that digest to provide alkalising chemicals to balance our blood chemistry.

Predominantly those are the fresh, raw green leafy vegies, that Grandma told us to eat. 

 It is a message that will save lives and improve our health, but it is a popular message?

…...Turn It Up....

...I’m Michael Robinson


For more information on Alkalizing food search topics like :
Alkaline foods / Raw Food Diets even
It is something that is quite easy. Lulu Langford a Australian Good Health Advocate, author and Health Professional has written this book and I'm sure there will be many to follow making the food choices you want to make much easier. 

While many raw foodies, vegan and juicing, Fructarian and other similar approaches do promote health the alkaline approach varies in ensuring that the majority of food choices include more raw food that is alkaline forming for the overall blood chemistry to promote good health.)