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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mix Green, Brown and Red and you get a Red Socialist Mess

Ironic isn’t it?  Bob Brown giggles with his delight about his new found power holding the balance of power in the Senate while announcing both national protectionist policies and globalisation policies.

The latter being something extremely dangerous for countries around the world as well as for Australia as it would strip national sovereignty from this and every other nation faster than a bulldozer, in a pulp mill tree harvest, clears the landscape.

Although most headlines this week will be about Bob Brown’s calls for more tax on mining companies and calling for a review of farm sales to overseas interests, both of which do have some merits, 

surely no one can take seriously his calls for a global parliament. That would remove national democracy and make Australia a state of a one world global government.

This from a sitting Senator... elected to protect the interests of Australia and the Australian people, democracy???? ….Turn It Up

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