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Friday, May 11, 2012

Florence Nightingale and Chronic Immune & Neurological Diseases Awareness Day May 12th

FRIDAY May 11th This COMMENT was made on Grant Goldman's breakfast program after the 7am News on radio 2SM 1269AM and networked radio stations on May 11th 2012.

Recently I’ve made a few comments about May the 12th being The Florence Nightingale  C.I.N.D.  Awareness Day  for the Chronic Immune & Neurological Diseases. *

* Side Note - there are MANY websites online....This year I've chosen these few to highlight

Please visit these websites - click on the LINKS here

These very real and very debilitating conditions that affect 1 in 15 people.

Many of them have constant pain, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, other symptoms that affect them but are invisible to others.  Imagine that you have the flu and have just moved house, were in a car accident last night and were beaten up on the way home and that is what a good day is like.

A great list that circulated online recently is a list of 10 things not to say when speaking to someone with a Chronic Immune & Neurological Disease.
(yes I slightly modified this for my times constraints)

10 Things not to say with someone with a Chronic illness 

1. Don’t say, “We all get aches and pains and get tired as we get older, or suggest that you felt tired last week too, they just have to get over it.”  

3. Don’t suggest that they just need a hobby or a job to get their mind off their symptoms.

4. Don’t say that someone you know said it is not a real disease. 

Or that if they slept better they’d get over it.

6. Please do NOT say that you read about some miracle food or product that cures everything and that they should give that a try.

7.  Do Not remind them that it is just a blessing to be alive or 8. how great it is that they get welfare so they don’t have to work.  

Do not tell them 

9. If they exercised more or 

10. were more positive that they’d … get over it.

While many of these things sound helpful they are no more helpful than telling a quadriplegic to think more positively, change their diet and they’d get better.

There are many things that do help improve a person’s health and well being ***

Oh and don’t say at least your suggestions were well meaning...

...Turn It Up

I’m Michael Robinson

***Side note feel free to contact me via email turnitupmike AT gmail DOT com and ask me about the notes I've been taking of the experiences of many people, their hints and tips and notes and be put in touch with many groups and individuals who have put together many of the pieces in the puzzle of improving your health and well being and living with these conditions rather than not living with them.

Also see the websites above.

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