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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Teacher Tantraum

I find it hard to have respect for a professional body that thinks it’s profession has the right to shut the state down for a full day and take a day off school because they want to hold a 2 hour union meeting, and in work hours too.

Why should they take the day off work for a 2 hour union meeting, little wonder some of our young people are having problems with respect, responsibility and with maths.

I know and am also related to many hard working teachers and they tell me that they don’t like this proposed new system where Principals will have greater power and greater autonomy.  They say it can pose problems for teachers where the teacher and the principal have what is essentially a personality clash.

The proposed bonus system may also need some refinements.

A good teacher can help a child excels for many year  but a poor teacher can mean a child struggles for years and that cannot and should not be ignored.

There is also the issue of teachers and aides in special needs classes, and classes that are taught by multiple teachers over the year, that is difficult to identify who deserves bonuses.

At least the state government is doing something to improve on the current system, and parents are grateful for that.  

Teachers need to work towards even more improvements but what do they do?  

Every time they don’t like something they throw a tantrum and tell everyone to go away for a day they aren’t going to teach that day because they want a day without children so that they can hold a 2 hour union meeting.

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