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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Season's Greetings to your level of tolerance


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First of all of I want wish all our listeners a Happy New Year,  it is an interesting term that doesn’t seem to whip up the frenzy of the politically correct police like Merry Christmas does, does it?

In fact over Christmas the efforts some people went to in order to good old Aussie replace acceptance with it’s more prickly cousin tolerance would be amusing if it weren’t so sad.

This is why I promote acceptance over tolerance.

Particularly when I hear people using terms like Happy Season’s Greetings and not mention the word Christmas -  well it is all a bit odd.

Consider this issue across the entire year.

When the same people who refuse to mention Christ at Christmas time because it recognises Christ are happy to recognise the religious celebrations of Muslims, Jews, Buddist, Hindus and people of many other religious faiths.

We have national politicians and councils across many regions getting actively involved in promoting various activities like the Muslim festivals and festivals of the various Asian communities that are well known examples.

As we approach the Chinese Moon Festival time of year we should really understand that it is is also essentially a religious cultural festival

But at Christmas time there are people who won’t mention the word Christmas … and they call that “Multiculturalism”.

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  1. Oh Mike this is nonesense this is no better than the people you are talking about. I for one have not heard a single person launching into such "political correctness".
    I am not a christian however I am happy to say "Merry Christmas".
    Further perpetuating this sought of false news is terribly sad and serves little purpose other than to whip up people into a little "anti political correctness rally".
    I have some very good Muslim friends who have been to my house for Christmas day lunch and give my children christmas presents every year. We have a ongoing bet waiting for someone in the media to whip out this or other false news such as "Councils forced to remove christmas trees for fear of upsetting non christians". These particular friends often have more christmas decorations than I do!
    Mike lets get real this is nothing more than a piece of chain email spam or faceboook chain post.
    I think you need 30 seconds with Mike and then 30 seconds with Brenden to give the other side of the coin ........
    (Nor am I any other religous denomination)

  2. BMan Perhaps you didn't hear Senator Bob Brown talking about Happy Seasons Greetings to the awaiting media throng just before Christmas?

    or the so many local councils who fall over themselves to promote non Christian events and activities, and push Seasons Greetings at Christmas time.

    In close to 60 seconds I don't have to name them all ..... but if you don't know any of them then I am glad for you that you live in a more accepting circle of the community than others do.

    Tune in tomorrow....

  3. p.s. I should mention that I don't believe the people of various religious faiths (like your Muslim friends) who are behind such nonsense, it is invariable the anti -Christian hate zealots.

    That is why I want the wider community to promote acceptance rather than tolerance.

  4. Firstly thanks for your reply I always enjoy my banter with you. You think right I think left I always enjoy finding the middle with you.
    So I see your point regarding Senator Brown.I agree there are always overly political correct people. it saddens me when people take things too far and again it is perpetuating miss-information. Lets face it as my very wise wife has pointed out "everyone knows politicians speak another language"!
    Mike surely you are you possibly not doing the same by stating this as fact. I am also interested what example of councils doing this are your specifically talking about in the last 2 months? I will personally write with YOU to tell them my dissappointment in this. If you are saying these councils put aside christian beliefs to push another religions beliefs.
    You will acknowledge other cultures have survived and thrived in Australia for HUNDREDS of years Afganistan has been having people migrating to Australia since the early 1800's this is where camels in our deserts come from. Chinese migrated here for the gold rush niether have taken over the country and have added to our complexity and strength as a nation.
    I must apologies for the Bman .... I thought it would come up with my name as you know it however others may not.
    Warm regards

  5. Thanks Brendan for naming yourself, that said I'm not so concerned about online names unless someone has something they want to say that they are ashamed to have associated with their name and are hiding behind a fake profile.

    However most of us have chosen some quick name when we set up our profiles and it turns out that doesn't serve every purpose we use those profiles for .... no biggie.

    I've made another on air comment on this issue today (see link included here below)....hope this clears up the point I think you are making in some ways yourself but are missing the point I was trying to focus on.

    I'm not going to get into naming and shaming every cultural offender, council or shopping center (though I could name a few) as frankly I don't have the time to do so right now mid move. The point should be that it happens and from time to time various newspapers will publish departmental memos (like the Centerlink one earlier in 2011 that was quickly overturned by the Minister once it had become a public issue. My point is that if the newspaper hadn't published that memo what do you think would have happened?

    Centerlink would have never mentioned "Christmas" at Christmas it would have been all Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays just in case some person (who hadn't said anything, who hadn't asked to not be insulted by having Centerlink celebrate Christmas and actually DID NOT EXIST) might be offended.

    This is how these things take hold. Some memo writer or desk bound decision maker decides that they'll remove everything that might offend people .... but forget to check with the people.

    My point is that we must each let those who work for us as OUR public servants know and understand that in this country we promote freedoms and that includes freedom of religion and acceptance.

    This is why I say so often we must be promoting ACCEPTANCE over tolerance.

    We shouldn't be so fearful that some fictional person who might have come here from some far away greatly different country will be offended at those freedoms and something terrible might happen to them if they see a Christian celebration if they aren't a Christian themselves.

    Ironically it seems much of this reverse discrimination only happens towards Christians so I think a lot of it has to do with anti Christianity by those pushing their own religion (even atheism or agnosticism) and trying to create a nation where they impose their religion on others rather than accepting others as you have indicated that you do.

    I don't know any Muslims who take offence at seeing Christian symbols at Christmas time. Yesterday I had 3 Muslims over to our place to pick up some scrap metal we were tossing out and they collect it for extra cash as a "side business". They live down the road from us and from time to time I've chatted with them and occasionally when I've had some scrap metal that I wanted to get rid of I've called them up.....

    OK getting back to the point

    Yesterday I wished them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ..... quickly realised the date and added "for 2012" and they smiled, shook my hand and wished me the same.