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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Carbon Tax inquiry

Carbon tax inquiry.

Segment: Turn It UP Mike – Carbon Tax Inquiry
Radio 2SM 60 second spot Wednesday 29th September, 2010.
with Grant Goldman

Julia Gillard's election promise that she would convene a people's assembly on climate change was a nonsense. That is what the parliament is for.

With the recent announcement that a Parliamentary committee is to be convened to support the Green party's predetermined findings that we need a carbon tax, the public now has a strong signal that the very concept of democratic accountability is merely a minor inconvenience to this Prime Minister.

As Prime Minister, and apparently the Gillardian of the world, (Gillard + guardian) she can ensure that an inquiry comes up with the recommendations she wants by ensuring it has a majority of pro Cabon tax true believers and invitations simply don't go to to those who aren't on side.

This is not only a nonsense but it goes against parliamentary rules of convention and law.

An Australia carbon tax will have no effect on the world's environment, nor reduce toxins in the food, air or water or reduce any other forms of pollution.

We may end up with a carbon tax but spare me the Orwellian New-speak and spare us the cost of a farce inquiry to support the outcomes, that have already been determined.  … Turn It Up.

I'm Michael Robinson.

Have you heard more Orwellian New-speak? Comment below with your examples.

The segment of Turn It UP Mike was heard on
Radio 2SM 60 second spot Wednesday 29th September 2010.
with Grant Goldman, after 7am News.

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