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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kings Cross Injecting Room

Today an issue most Australians do NOT want.

Illicit drug use, addiction, crime and the responses by governments and the radical social reform brigade.

Studies have shown that Injecting rooms maintain drug users in their addiction and
do not help them cease using – that we know.

In reality injecting rooms assist drug use.

Repeated surveys of drug addicts show that most of them want to get clean,
that is one of the areas where governments needs to do more.

Drug use and related crimes are still significant problems but the answer is
NOT a permanent Kings Cross injecting room … nor more of them.

For more than a decade it has been publicly known that this facility is
unconstitutional, … in breach of Federal Customs laws …. and
opposed by both the United Nations and credible experts around the world.

The NSW Government have announced that they intend to end the farce
of the trial status of the Kings Cross injecting room and make it permanent … TURN IT UP.

I'm Michael Robinson

General Comments & Links

A Case against it on legal, & constitutional grounds as well as the merits.

More details exposed looking further into the claims made by injecting room supporters.

In 2004 Michael was the Executive Director of Drug Free Australia but is no longer in that position.

The segment of Turn It UP Mike was heard on
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