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Monday, September 27, 2010


Turn It UP Mike
Radio 2SM 60 second spot Monday 27th September

with Grant Goldman

60 seconds doesn't seem like a lot of time, if you are injured 60 seconds is a long time...

& it is said a week is a long time in politics, and anyone who has worked on radio know that 3 seconds of dead air time is a long time and 30 seconds of dead air time is enough to have your job.

In 60 seconds each weekday from now on I will raise the issues that need raising and focus intense attention on them.

Issues from politics, current affairs, issues that that aren't being talked about and issues that are the talk about the nation.

I have lauched a Google Blogger website

and email

for people to get in touch directly with me, so from Tomorrow's Turn IT Up Mike segment if there is something that needs to be raised loud and proud then I'll talk about it in this segment, in 60 seconds.

And although 60 seconds may not seem not much time, try or holding your breath for that long, or being in pain for 60 seconds. Australia is a nation in pain, look at politics, our community, and its time and it is time for some action and here on radio we can demand that and talk about. We can also talk about the good things that are being done.

Its time to Turn It up Mike
I'm Michael Robinson

To sponsor this segment on the 2SM
Super Radio Network and
online email me at

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Commercial plumbing maintenance, based in (not limited to) the Sydney area.

I've known them for a long time and always been impressed by them. 

Bow Bow Plumbing brings a work ethic to the job that we need
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