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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tony Abbot ... The Destroyer? ... Turn It Up!

Tony Abbott the destroyer? Turn It Up!
An expanded version of the Turn It Up Mike comment heard on 2SM Tuesday 28th September 2010.

Julia Gillard MP has called on Tony Abbott (Leader of the Opposition) and his fellow members of the Opposition to cut her some slack, in fact she's pretty much asked them to slack off and let the ALP push through whatever legislation they want without any regard whatsoever for what the coalition members themselves might want, or might have promised the Australian people, who have put them there.

Think about it, she is more concerned about a handful of Green and Independent MP's who have pushed her government across the 76 seat line and their wish lists than the 73 MP's from Coalition who could help the 72 ALP MP's actually pass every piece of legislation they want not only through the Lower House but together the Coalition could help the ALP progress Legislation through the Senate too.

Among his many statements Rob Oakeshott has alluded to this a few times in the past few weeks but has the supposedly great political negotiator of a Prime Minister, and the Government, got down to hard work and done the hard yards to common ground between the two major parties? No. Instead she has gotten out with the fighting words calling Tony Abbott the spoiler and a destroyer (*), for wanting to ensure that what does pass through the parliament actually represents the wishes of the majority of the elected MP's and therefore the public.

Get this straight she actually is asking at least one MP, maybe more depending on circumstances, to skip parliamentary voting time, to give the ALP and its coalition of drooling wish list writers a free run at passing whatever legislation they want that day without the scrutiny that the voters have demanded of this parliament.

At the same time Julia Gillard PM is telling the Australian people that everything she promised them is now off the table and everything the Greens and the Independents want is on the table. Clearly she will do anything she has to in order to maintain a stable, but ALP, government except be a constructive government and work with the majority of elected Members of Parliament herself..

So lets call it what it is, Newspeak where constructive opposition is labelled as destructive.

Where breaking a political promise to the Australian people is called democratic and where letting the Left Wing Radical socialists dictate the focus and direction of parliament is called concern for the Australian people.

Tony Abbott is doing what the Australian public require him to do, scrutinise the government and hold them to some level of accountability even when they can do that themselves.

Lets stop the whingeing Prime Ministerial statements about the Opposition and get on with the job. You want Tony Abbott to sit one of the duly elected MP's out so you can pass whatever legislation you want without the accountability of the elected MP's …... TURN IT UP....

(* in some "NEW-SPEAK" manner twisting reality into unreality )

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Bronwyn Bishop sitting Liberal MP has recently written an article on this issue in The Punch, click below to read it.

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