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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cost of inaction becomes too great


Anyone in farming knows that you have to be optimistic about the prospects of
the future and of your ability to succeed in farming, but crickey the government
isn’t making it any easier is it.

Anyone who knows me, knows that since 1999 I've raged on the issues around Customs and Australia's Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQuIS) who have demonstrated total ineffectiveness at protection Australia's national and border security.

Here is another comment on what is going on, on this topic...

Cost of inaction becomes too great.

Last week there were reports around that fire ants, that have only arrived here
in the last decade or so, will cost the Australian economy more than $40 Billion
in the next decade. Not bad when you realise the government’s inept border
security allowed them to arrive in the first place.

There were also reports that the government just decided to just give up fighting
one more pest that has arrived here, this time the Inferior Asian predatory bee
species - Given up? 


They say it is getting expensive to fight the pest.

Mind you it is a pest that could wipe out Australia’s native and imported bee
species and if that happens decimate Australia’s agriculture that relies on bees
pollinating plants.

No doubt that will be expensive, but lets not forget that the government has
been shown where the problems and gaps are in their border security and they
keep allowing pests like these in because some paper shuffler maintains the line
that it is too expensive to actually stop these pests and diseases from actually

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