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Monday, April 4, 2011

Friday's comment - Abbott on welfare

Yesterday Tony Abbott was talking about governments doing more about helping
those who rely on welfare to become more self reliant and if possible to get off
However St Vincent’s de Paul took the position of bagging Mr Abbott and toremind us all how little people on welfare actually get.
If it is possible to help someone get work, someone who is looking for work, then
surely that means by helping them get that work that they are better off doesn’t
If someone is on a Disability Support Pension and the medical system and the
government’s own welfare agencies have basically left them with so little support
and assistance that they aren’t improving then that is it not in anyone’s interests,
especially the person on welfare.
We should be demanding governments help and support those people more so
those who are able to, will return to work.
Not everyone can do it on their own, and not everyone has the support to move
from welfare to self reliance.
But does that mean we should just leave people on welfare payments forever
if and when there are better alternatives possible? … Turn It Up.





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