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Friday, April 8, 2011

Governments addicted to substances of revenue

Talk about any issue of substance abuse and it is going to be a controversial

Despite the $30 billion cost of tobacco related illness plus the pollution from
dropped cigarettes the Federal Government says it wants to focus on changing
cigarette packaging.

But I have to ask, does anyone actually think packaging is the biggest issue

The Federal Minster for Health says it is because they want to put images on the
cigarette packages to educate smokers how bad smoking is for you.

Really? Is there anyone who doesn’t know that smoking is bad for them?

The issues that need addressing are the same for all substance abuse and

What is needed is to bring together a comprehensive approach combining genuine prevention, intervention and rehabilitation for recovery, to stop use, of all substances of addiction and abuse (rather than tax them and turn a blind eye).

With all the anti-tobacco campaigns it is no surprise the addiction industry wants
other addictive drugs legalised. 

The surprise is they have some support to
hook more people on more substances …. 

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