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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Estimates Are Another Government Carbon Joke On Trust

The Commonwealth Treasury Department has estimated that the Carbon Tax
should only cost Australian households somewhere around $20 a week.
We haven’t been told the exact details of what to expect. No one actually knows.
These are just very early estimates.

Clearly the intention is to tell Australians that it is only a small amount of money,
so insignificant they shouldn’t worry about it.

If we put aside the fact that the Prime Minister told the public this would NOT be
introduced if her government were returned.

And put aside the fact that this will involve enormous administrative costs of
some great big government administration department even then all that money
moving around will not actually fix Australia’s climate, or the world’s.

Despite all of those contradictions, still the government is trying to placate
people’s anger by telling us that we aren’t going to loose out that much, don’t
worry about it, per person it is about a few dollars a day, you won’t even miss it ....

... Trust us, they say .... Turn It Up.






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