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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why local production is important to the nation

This week’s segments are going to be all about Primary Production beyond the
mining sector.

Sometimes we need reminding that the people who produce our food, fibres,
timbers and so on are important to us as a nation.

Tomorrow’s topic looks at why it isn’t just about where a banana or an apple
comes from that should concern us as consumers and why we need to make the
choice to avoid the cut price bargain price wars of the major supermarkets … if
we want to save ourselves money.

Thursday: Why buying Australian isn’t just about keeping Australian producers
in business but how and why the nation needs local primary production to stay

On Friday I’ll address the issues of what each and every one of us can do to
protect the future quality of our food and keep prices competitive.

If that isn’t important to you? ...

... Turn It Up.





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