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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why it is important to buy local, and eat locally grown.

Continuing this week's theme on Primary Production.....

Today a closer look at why buying locally produced food is good for us and our hip pocket.

Firstly about those price wars of the big two major supermarkets:

 If you want to save your money long term I suggest you avoid those price war bargains and shop elsewhere, preferably buy from local producers.  

That way there will always be healthy competition keeping prices down and quality up.

As for the quality of the food that some importers bring in.

A big concern for consumers is knowing exactly what toxins are in what imported foods.  Too often there is no way of knowing their origin let alone whether you are getting unlabelled GM foods, or potentially food from a questionable source.

Like the melamine in the milk poisoning scandal in 2008 no one tells you before-hand.   

Most people will say they trust that our government, and the importers have actually checked it out and declared it safe from all harmful toxins.  You know my reply to that...

...Turn It Up.





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