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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More reasons to oppose international controls over food regulations

Yesterday I spoke about the dangerous trend towards global control of all food regulations through the World Trade Organisation

and on Monday I spoke about our own border protection agencies failing us

but this isn’t just a problem for Australians ...

Right now the American doctor and TV show presenter Dr Mehmet Oz is embroiled in an identical controversy having raised the issue of toxins in imported apple juices.

The Dr Oz Apple Jiuce controversy has upset importers and other countries around the world who still grow primary produce in ways that are now considered unsafe.

and yet

What amazes me about the Dr Oz Apple Juice controversy is that there are actually organisations that are condemning Dr Oz for speaking out about this because they say he is upsetting the public.

It makes you wonder - doesn’t it?

For all the talk about public availability of information on so many issues....

Do people really want to know?

Or would they prefer not to know?

Is ignorance really bliss?

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From a Facebook post Home Grown Edible Landscapes
Fan of Dr. Oz or have to wonder why Dr. Besser protests so much. Ok, at least folks are talking about this and more testing for arsenic in apple juice should be done.
Are our nation's kids in danger? And, the poison is not just in apple juice. Think the brands you trust are safe? The new season continues with the most shoc...

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