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Friday, September 9, 2011

Teachers - Try something different and go to work

Well the Public Sector strike yesterday certainly stirred up some controversy didn’t it.

The unions are ctalking up how powerful they are.  Able to get lots of people to march on NSW State Parliament.
I made a comment yesterday on my Facebook post for teachers to try something different and go to work.
Some people took that comment as a slight against teachers and others wrongly assumed I was saying that teachers don’t work at other times.
Both are incorrect assumptions about what I was saying.
I support teachers and over many years of many comments on this program I have spoken about the education system and need for improvements.
Some of those improvements are to the curriculum but some are needed to the training -  development and the way teachers do things but generally speaking teachers have the support and respect from the rest of the community.

But if they think for one moment that that public support will continue if they union threats and ransom demands of holding this state hostage to get what they want.....and they think for a moment that striking, instead of going to work, will be supported by the community ….well..
Turn It UP
Michael Robinson




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