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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Put the "I" back in Prime Minister and don't over use it

In yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald there was quite an interesting article by Jaqueline Maley.

.....Under the headline “When in public, Gillard is not at home with the lingo.”
This piece by Maley begins by suggesting that the actress playing Julia Gillard on the ABC’s comedy portrayal “At Home With Julia” has the mannerisms of our Prime Minister down pat....and also many of the stylings.

Maley goes on to regale us with some detailed examinations of Julia Gillard’s Prime Ministerial language.

Explaining to readers the many cumbersome errors of Julia Gillard’s language useage such as ending her sentences with prepositions.

She also oubles her adjectives and strains the Australian language through the public’s tolerance of her overly rehearsed catch phrases.

Despite her very precise and carefully chosen policy language there is something else that grates.

That is when she over emphasises they dragged out I...........

I am determined or I have a vision or I am Prime Minister.
Every time she says it the words echo in our minds one of her well knowm statements

There will be No Carbon Tax under the Government I lead ….
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