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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food for thought about where the food future will be

The World Trade Organisation is getting sovereign governments around the world to hand over regulation of their food security issues by implementing a global food program called The Codex Ailimentarius.

Now they will tell us that this document is all about food safety and food security.  But as I mentioned yesterday if our authorities can’t protect us from poisoned food being imported why should we trust an organisation who isn’t accountable to us with the task of all food security?

There are many other issues of course including why should we put Australian farmers out of business just to import the same foods from overseas?

But the biggest problem with Codex Ailimentarius international agreement means you and I through our sovereign Australian government don’t get to make decisions about what we do or don’t allow into Australia.

It means if sovereign nations like Australia and America sign away their sovereignty over border security and we loose our ability to make decisions about our food imports but it goes even further than that.

Some organisations are warning Codex Alimentarius could even mean backyard gardens become illegal....and yet governments tell us that is just a normal part of global trade agreements.

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