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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day - Love it.

Every Australia Day just know it is going to happen.

Some one will ask people who have just become official Aussies, if they want to change the flag, the Crown and the constitution, whoa, hang on they've just said they like the place enough to take the place on as their own, is it really the time to be asking what they want to fix up?

Sure I understand if you've been here a while and know what you are talking about and well, you just know it is inevitable that some outspoken celebrity is going to stand up and decide that they should be the one to tell all Australians what we should think, or sing or act, and what our flag, and constitution should be.

Not only is the problem with that is that not one person can agree about what these things should be changed to... but the bottom line is that what we have works.

We are proud of our flag, and the Crown and the Constitution any faults with those systems are not ones such changes would improve.

What we have is robust and effective equality that provides for all …

And there are those who want to change all that now when there IS- NOT any good reason to do so? – Turn It Up...I'm Michael Robinson.



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