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Friday, January 14, 2011

Parking for the Disabled

Parking for the Disabled

One of my pet peeves is idiot and lazy drivers who don't care or think about anyone else.
They are not only being lazy, they are also being selfish and inconsiderate, when they park in disability access parking spaces.

These access spaces aren't just for convenience, for some people they simply cannot walk very far in a day and for them to have to park a long way away is not an inconvenience, it is an impossible ask.
This issue again came to my attention with a few days at SeaWorld over the holidays, thanks to very helpful security guards Sea-World have quite a large mobility access parking area that they provide.
One hot afternoon we headed over to Wet N Wild and I noticed there were quite a few of the blue car spots and I noticed someone pulling into one that had no mobility parking scheme sticker displayed.
I did ask the driver who to his credit admitted he didn't have an MPS card and moved his car to let someone else use that spot.
But his first response as an excuse was that it was a hot day and there weren't any other parking spaces close by, imagine if he wasn't able bodied and easily able to take the extra 2 minute walk across the car park.
You don't speak English or you are just plan lazy?
...Turn It Up....I'm Michael Robinson

Some useful links, for those in other states contact your relevant authorities.

You can report a cheat.  I wasn't aware of this until today, but now I know I may not be quite so understanding of lazy people's "disabilities"

Hotline to catch disability parking scheme cheats

The public can now report abuse of the NSW disability parking scheme for people with a disability by phoning 1300 884 899 or emailing with reports on the following:
  • A caller knows an MPS permit holder and alleges they do not have a disability. The RTA will assess the complaint and investigate when appropriate.
  • A caller sees a person who doesn't appear to have a disability using an MPS permit number. The RTA will assess the complaint and investigate when appropriate.
  • A caller believes a medical practioner has incorrectly approved an MPS permit. The RTA will consult with the appropriate medical body.
The RTA cannot accept anonymous calls. Callers or persons emailing in a report will need to provide their personal contact details, the Mobility Parking Scheme permit number, details on the alleged abuse and, if known, the name of the permit holder. For complaints about medical practioners, the practioner's provider number should also be included if known.
Reports of persons committing a parking offence by stopping in a space reserved for persons with a disability without a valid permit displayed should be reported directly to the relevant enforcement officers. This may be the local council for parking offences in public areas such as streets or council operated car parks. Local council areas can be identified by visiting the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Reports should be made to the manager of a privately operated car park or shopping centre for parking offences in these places.



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