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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Climate issue needs to be put into historical perspective

A flood of Brown's "green climate change rhetoric".
There are some, well lets call them pretty unique political views around that get discussed in a free and open society.
One of them is this concept of climate change.

One thing that no one will dispute is our global climate and indeed our nation's climate is, and always has been, extremely dynamic, if one bothers to check the historical record.

But that doesn't seem to bother the Greens and Senator Bob Brown when grandstanding on the recent flood devastation with Bob Brown saying this week that he is blaming coal mining for the recent floods.

Now frankly I'm surprised at his timing and insensitivity and his audacity. Over the years he has said that climate change will put this country into permanent drought.

As if to give his extreme views some level of credibility he goes on to claim that scientists say these things, so he is saying them.  If he were to bother doing his research he would know that just as many scientists oppose his views.

Now this week he has said global warming caused by Australian coal miners will cause permanent drought for Australia with some floods, but then back into drought...
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I also think Senator Bob Brown has given these guys a helping hand rather inadvertently
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I'M disgusted at the call by Bob Brown, the leader of the Australian Greens, to make the coal industry pay for the recent floods.
Renowned long-range weather forecaster Inigo Jones predicted this flood event prior to his death in 1954.
This is another attempt by the climate-change panic merchants to hoodwink Australians. This flood was definitely not caused by global warming and people need to be clear about that.
Ian Paterson, Kilcoy


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