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Monday, January 31, 2011

Is it commu-compassion?

Well it has been quite a week of events for the Labor party in NSW and I've never wanted to use all the terms that have been bandied around indicating that they are leaving a sinking ship but we still see a lot of the ALP team bailing out looking for post March options and you have to wonder whether the ALP team itself in NSW has much confidence in their own abilities any more.

Yet in all this the NSW Premier had the presence of mind to go into bat for hard hit NSW residents and tell the Prime Minister that NSW residents are already doing it hard enough and shouldn't be slugged with more taxes to bail the other states out of their disasters, and it was a good signal to send the Federal Government because sometimes compassion and socialism does get confused.

So it is curious why the Federal government jumped straight to the taxation or national flood levy option so quickly. I know I'm still wondering why they didn't even consider so many other options first. Perhaps like giving businesses extra tax INCENTIVES to invest in infrastructure, or government bonds to boost savings and investment,

or perhaps wind back the money the Federal Government sends overseas on some of the more flippant international gifts and start looking after our own a little bit ...yeh I know Turn It Up. I'm Michael Robinson.


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