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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Libs pledge to help NSW to recovery


In that I mean the Labor party knows that the Federal Government's messed up drugs policies aren't helping, but the Labor party is not helping, in some ways they are making things worse.

We need to bring prevention, intervention and recovery back into focus, and remove harm management education, and managed addiction from the policy and funding model

Today's comment

Well looks like the Liberal party have realised they need to get out and distance themselves from what the Labor party is doing.

Yesterday the Libs made an announcement on health that if elected in March they were going to pledge $10 million for recovery from addiction programs that actually provide recovery, now this is a turn about.

Over the past 22 years, recovery programs have been lumped into the same funding bucket as addiction management programs like methadone programs, where the a person's addiction is subsidised with government sponsored methadone, it managed addiction, not recovery and for those on the program long term it is very detrimental to their health.

So the NSW Liberal announcement yesterday should have sent a clear signal that the Libs are listening to what the community wants not what the extremists want and, they've heard that more money is needed for recovery and they will provide it.
So what have the experts said about the announcement?
Well those who work in recover have welcomed the announcement and those who work in managed addiction said they are disappointment. (sic – yes I know, but I did want to convey both messages that way).

They wanted more money to put more people on methadone for longer, and you can only suppose that they want the Greens in charge to legalise all drugs too do they?... ...Turn It Up.


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