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Monday, January 24, 2011

Drugs policy must focus on prevention and recovery not promote addiction or substance abuse

The AIDS Council of NSW has long been a subject of controversy over some of its policies and publications in particular, and recently they have managed to stir up even more debate.

Of their $12 million budget around $9 million is provided to them by the taxpayer in order to fund them in their promotion of the health and well being of the GLBT community and those affected by HIV and AIDS.
So the taxpayer has a right to know how they are spending their money.
AIDS Council of NSW website has been criticised for some of their publications that are little more than a how to use drugs instruction booklet under the Federal Government's reduction of risk policy.

Now the experts try to say the words with a straight face that their publications and strategies do not increase drug use, that they are designed to reduce the risk of using drugs.
What they don't admit is that in doing so they have completely put aside any focus on prevention whatsoever.
In fact for almost three decades pretty much the same so called drug policy experts have turned Australian drug policy on its head from the old “Say No To Drugs” message of the 80's now we have “How to Use Drugs” …
Turn It Up, I'm Michael Robinson.

NOTE - some of the publications have been since removed from the website but there are still enough on there to get the idea of what is going on!


I DO NOT recommend the following links, I do however include them as indications of misguided drug policy in action.  There are far better materials available and I'm happy to provide that information for anyone in need of those and I will be commenting on that side of drugs policy shortly.

ACONS instructions How to inject "safely" (as if that is possible)

When using drugs flyer (they don't even suggest don't)

How to damage yourself with drugs - flyer


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