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Friday, January 21, 2011

Law enforcement must apply equally and impartially

Imagine this scenario, Refugees, Asylum seekers, or Boat people, call them what you will, but they come here without any legal permission and on their way they crash their boat on an island not far off Australia.

So Australia's law enforcement authorities rescue those people and what do they do, they have injured and the dead to deal with. As a compassionate nation we help the living, but then they start demanding where their dead friends and relatives are to be buried, not only where, but also how.
As anyone who has followed the news over the past few months this is not a fictional scenario, it happened.
So when people ignore our laws we have a right to ask do they get to dictate to us what we do?
Under our constitution Australian subjects of the Queen have both rights and responsibilities, and those who seek to arrive here essentially come here as guests.
It is the same for everyone once you are on Australian turf.
Law Enforcement must be applied equally and impartially and if you crash your car and you claim to police you don't need to be tested for drugs or alcohol because your religious beliefs forbid you from drinking alcohol here is what you should hear in reply...
...Turn It Up.
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