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Friday, January 28, 2011

Racism isn't a good thing.

Racism is never a good thing.

It is disappointing that there are those bent on dividing the people of Australia along race and skin colour grounds, and I may have misunderstood this debate, because generally speaking we aren't a racist nation, so you'd have to ask why the latest push to split the nation down the middle on grounds of genetics has arisen at all?

We all have quite diverse family backgrounds and heritage and the one thing we have in common is our love of this country. So when some people say that they want to split this country into two nations of aboriginal people and others frankly I don't understand it whatsoever.
What unites us is our commonality, our life here, our legal, and democratic systems and the rights, freedoms and responsibilities that we ALL enjoy, these are the true essences of our national unity, and all of them are colour blind and ignore genetics.

So you have to ask why would we start a national debate that is based on skin colour, genetics, and place of birth?
Such a debate can only split and divide, further fracture and fragment this nation into one of broken people and divided communities, communities where people are divided on skin colour, genetics, and where your family was born.
While I have the utmost respect for Aboriginal elders, I do think their fight for justice is taking them down a path that will ultimately cause more wrongs than it can ever right.......and it has government backing … Turn It Up.

...I'm Michael Robinson.



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