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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sky Will Fall If The Poor Don't Pay

Dick Smith has announced a million dollar reward for some young person who
can qualify for something like a "Henny Penny media hysteria award" to raise
awareness about population growth saying he wants governments to limit
Australian family sizes to two children, because, wait for it, Australia is running
out of land and resources.

Now you don't have to tell anyone that there isn’t enough housing where we want
to live, we all know that, but Australia has plenty of land and plenty of resources.

However, I suppose there is a political debate to be had for cutting back support
for those who cannot pay their way, you know the people who put a strain on
the country's resources, and we all know raising children is expensive.

As well as the expense of children there is also the old people, the disabled,
the deaf, the blind, you have the poor people, they all need support from the
taxpayers and from welfare organisations just to be able to eat.

You've also got people living in public housing as well as those living on in public
parks, sleeping under trees the public have planted and taking shelter under
public bridges that they haven’t contributed a cent towards their own shelter......

....Turn It Up.


I would normally link to a website I refer to but type in Dick Smith and population and you'll find Dick Smith's Willberforce award, I'm not going to link to the site as I think it is a disgrace that Dick Smith has dragged Willberforce into this.




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