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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oppose Codex Alimentarius to C a better world for all

Regular listeners to my segment will know that I have spoken often about the importance of consumer freedoms to make our own choices about vitamin supplements and wholesome fresh organic local food.

Against this background Governments around the world, including our own, are progressing with the implementation of the world-wide food laws of the U.N.’s Codex Alimentarius.  

These laws are intended to restrict our choices ...
even to things like high potency vitamin C.

There is evidence that using vitamin C has many benefits.

For example when a medical treatment team includes something as simple as high potency Vitamin C -

- at the right time in the recovery -

- it not only assists in recovery from certain injuries and medical procedures but also in preventing further complications including Regional Sympathetic Dystrophy otherwise known as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

- a condition that would otherwise be both debilitating, and difficult to treat.

But when the U.N.’s Codex Alimentarius laws come into effect world wide neither the prevention nor the treatment will be available.... 

….Turn It Up.

I’m Michael Robinson

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