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Friday, May 6, 2011

Fun Friday - sorry not today.

I like to have a bit more fun with Friday’s topics, but yesterday after I mentioned Codex Alimentarius, I was asked what can we do about it? 

This UN global regulation is intended to fully control all our food, herbs, vitamins, etc, while regulation can be a good thing, this takes police state to a national level and goes beyond safety in an extremely dangerous way.

Of course the Australian government, as any sovereign state, should reject this type of international oversight, but I expect they’ll fall in line, like unthinking puppets.

So before it comes into full effect, find out and.....

Stock up on organic heritage plant seed varieties and grow your own vegie patch at home.  

AND stock up on manure * , 

 that’s right wet-bull-dust, compost it down and dig it in and when the government inspectors come looking for unlicensed seeds gardens tell them to … Turn It Up!

* (cow patties, heck chook droppings, horse and elephant droppings, the lot!)

Search for more links 

THERE ARE LOTS AROUND, you may have to look through a lot of the official mis-information though...




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