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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ABC Cuts .... deep

A story this week that has generated quick a bit of media coverage has been the cuts to the ABC's budget. Staff sat they fear that quality will be the first casualty. Nonsense, the ABC cut its quality years ago, and from what I can tell the cuts are only in some areas of the support and staff in the international news section, and are probably much needed when you consider that at one stage ABC had 7 managerial staff for every one production crew member.

But I say cutting the staff supporting the overseas news content isn't going to save the ABC from its impending demise as it looses its balance and credibility..

With debacles like the recent shoe throwing at former Prime Minister John Howard, you have to put the operations of the ABC under a microscope. Maybe the ABC didn't know the serial protester they had in the front row was going to throw his shoes at Mr Howard, but in putting a tweet to air as a subtitle to the show encouraging people, on any view the ABC was inciting violence and hatred towards a former prime minister, someone who not matter what your political view deserves significant respect.

Yes its even being talked about by the Fabians

and finally ABC boss says that's enough cuts for now

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