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Friday, November 12, 2010

Energy plan that will turn a gas into a gasp.

Today we have news that gas fired electricity generators are going to replace coal based electricity to heat the heart of Sydney, why? Simply because electricity is considered dirty by the modern standards of today's social experimenters.

The reason they aren't using solar is quite simple too. We aren't boosting the Australian renewable energy industry because most government subsidies purchase equipment made offshore so instead of helping consumers and producers to improve technology and reduce overall short term and long term costs what the government funding the the Green industries is actually doing is raising prices but not efficiencies.  Instead of advancing the industry government funding, how it is being applied, is artificially inflating prices and government debt as well.

So, in what only Clover Moore's lot would call wisdom, The City Of Sydney is planning to install gas powered turbines throughout the city and instead of burning that "black and dirty coal stuff that is just turning carbon captured sun energy into electricity and CO2" now they are going to burn gas and release Nitrous Oxides and other toxins right in the middle of the city, right where Sydney sider's breath.

You may well think that on top of the cars this is simply going to add more pollution into Sydney – ahhhh well that is where you and I would be WRONG.

Clearly the plan is to progressively choke the roads and push cars out of the city so that pollution from cars can be replaced ... pollution from other sources

...that are replacing the pollution from electricity ... TURN IT UP...I'm Michael Robinson

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