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Monday, November 22, 2010

No Bob No

Last week the Greens and Independents in the Lower House voted NOT to require the government to send the NBN off to the Productivity Commission not are they going to require the government to release hundreds of pages on critical business information. It would almost be enough to make a skeptic person wonder what back room deals have been done on this.

The government says “trust us” we wouldn't waste public money. But the Opposition is lining saying that a project like this simply needs more public scrutiny.

When you have such a big public project a lot of people can get excited by the upside and the positives and no matter how important they are it is important that closer scrutiny and accountability be applied, especially to projects when you are dealing with a government who promised more transparency, and improved accountability.

No … instead the Greens and Independents decided for us that we don't need to see the details, in fact Bob Katter went so far as to say his decision was based entirely on the his own circumstance that he does not have the time, resources or the ability to read and understand the hundreds of pages that would have been released to the public. Turn It Up.

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How can he be conflicted when he is OPPOSING it? and requiring MORE public srutiny before it could proceed???  Talk about a classical flip


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