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Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is an issue the Independents should carpet the PM over and force her to cancel the cheques..(but I don't they expect will).

Here's what I said on 2SM today after the 7am news

When Julia Gillard announces she's now handing over five hundred million dollars over 5 years, that's five hundred million Australian tax payer's dollars to fund radical Islamic schools in Indonesia I think we all have a right to demand she be recalled by the parliament, carpeted by the Independents and told to cancel the cheques.
But I doubt the Independents will even blink an eye over this they most certainly should warn hthe Prime Minister that this sort of nonsense should not be where she focuses public spending. And
Perhaps this announcement might not sting so much if Julia Gillard's government wasn't tearing down parental and religions freedoms of choice in regards to the future school curriculum in what she euphemistically calls an education revolution.

Of course the international political lesson here isn't so difficult to figure out, people's doors are always open when you are bringing gifts, especially hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gifts that have no strings attached at all... but … when you then go asking for favours do you really think Indonesia will even bother taking that call let alone taking you serious?

I'll have more to say topic on my online blog at turnitupmike dot blogspot dot com
until next time I'm Michael Robinson ... Turn It Up.


Australia has no business funding religious schools in other countries. It is more than a bit hypocritical to give money to these schools at the same time as this Federal government's national curriculum overhaul / Education Revolution is doing nothing more than censoring community and parental freedom of choice in the education curriculmn.

Want to know more?

Read “Australia's Education Revolution” by Dr Kevin Donnelly.

In Australia Julia Gillard's so called education revolution is a dressed up form of government censorship of what schools may teach and what parents might be allowed to choose for their children to learn. Now of course it is couched in terms that many people think it is about standardising the curriculum and improving national standards, but to those in the know, what that actually means is the government will determine what your children will be taught. Parents get less say than ever.

For those who are already thinking this let me tell you, yes you are correct, we are being taken for a ride on the red coat-tails of our Prime Minister's grandstanding around the world and much like Kevin Rudd's splashing cash around to buy his popularity Prime Minister Gillard seems to think that she can buy her way into favour with our neighbours and is yet to learn a hard lesson in international politics, but its one the Australian taxpayers are paying the cost for in more than just cold hard cash.

I'm interested in what other people have to comment about this one!

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Education Expert answer the question: Can Julia Gillard be believed on promises to fund parental and community freedom of education choices?  Or will she use this opportunity to actually restric the options and call it standardization ... ironically at a time banks and other businesses are being opened up to competition and free market forces.

PM's Socialist past and what it means for education in Australia today.


Gillard Government drops education revolution

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  1. A guy on Facebook posted this thought I'd add it here

    Paul Evans IF anyone is actually interested in listening to intelligent and heart-driven debate on this issue then I suggest you examine for a start. Hugh Evans (no relation to me) articulates clearly how we overcome corruption etc...... THEN... IF you want to make a difference to the SINFUL inequity in our world then maybe try booking your next travel through a (Christian) not-for-profit agency that pours 100% of its profits into "Breaking the Back of Poverty". ( There you go... Some practial suggestions about where you put your money!
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