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Monday, November 15, 2010

What is cultural diversity if not diverse and cultural?

Let me pre-empt today's comment with some background.

For years I have used a saying: "If you try to offend no one you may end up offending everyone."

How often have you been offended that your religious and cultural festivals, days and moments have been banned because of some so called potential clashes with other groups who frankly mostly speak up and say they enjoy the diversity and welcome given to cultural celebration.

In Australia we speak of "cultural diversity" but we must ask what use is it to promote cultural diversity if we dare not celebrate culture or diversity?

The so called politically correct gang have struck again, last week it was reported that Vic-Roads, has told staff not to pause for a minute's silence at 11am on 11th day of the 11th month because someone in the administration of that department has suggested that showing respect might be culturally offensive to someone.
The ban on this Australian tradition did not come out of some community outrage or even some anti war protesters getting the whole thing confused. No. It was simply some confused policy of banning something just in case someone … somewhere … somehow …. might perhaps … possibly … take some offense.
Well, as we approach Christmas time let me put on the record for all of those Australians, be the Christian ,or be they simply part of this community in some way or another who accept that we all have diverse family and cultural backgrounds and we all get along quite well thank you very much without the interfering and meddling of someone who wants to stick their head in the sand and bland wash our culture until it is meaningless.
It is both inconceivable and strongly offensive for anyone to attempt to rub out any aspect of our traditional Australian religious and cultural practices, whether that is remembering the sacrifices of the past, showing respect to others or this Christmas calling it a holiday season … Turn It Up.

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