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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fixed cameras loose their last excuse

I'm a bit surprised that today's topic hasn't caused more outrage in the motoring community. When the government announced that private operators would be running fixed cameras for a profitable fee the first thing I thought of what that this is clearly and unashamedly a grab for dollars.

...and the government is finally admitting that with their actions if not with their words.

If speed cameras, red light cameras and the like, were indeed all about road safety, they would be managed and operated by either the RTA and our law enforcement branch of the police, and they would be manned by police. Common-sense as much as the international evidence tells you that you'd get your ticket on the spot with the nexus between the action and the consequences would be immediate, and have increased effectiveness on general road safety not just on the space in front of the fixed cameras.

To their credit the government have managed to keep a straight face and not laugh at us when they spout out the old line that fixed cameras are about road safety. Governments have known for a long time now that fixed cameras are primarily about revenue raising and having private contractors to install and manage them … well you know what I say to that …. Turn It Up

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