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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time to decide what future our country has in store.

Morning Grant

Yesterday on your Facebook page you raised an interesting issue that some Islamic leaders around the world want to take over non-Muslim countries with a simple population control strategy.

Now some people have scoffed at suggestions by some Australian politicians and community leaders that we need to ensure our immigration only brings people here who accept out Judeo-Christian way of life, laws and so on.

A few years ago I was talking to some friends of ours, at the time. These were people who had come to Australia as Muslim political refugees from the Middle East and had come to local churches claiming to want to know about Christianity, they had been helped by the local welfare, churches and community and didn't want for a thing, and eventually it became obvious they knew how to milk it.

One afternoon we were talking with them, and some of their friends and they remarked how welcoming Australia is that we bring many of them here and help them set themselves up, help to them have more children and why do they come?

In their own words they said because the Australian country and way of life is far better and yet it was their intention, being told by Muslim leaders that Muslims should move to places like Australia and have lots of children and slowly take over the country … and we open the door and lay out the welcome mat.

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