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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Koala walks into a bar

I want to raise an important issue that many Australians don't give a second thought to most days, and that is what do we really think about our native Australian animals?
An interesting story in today's papers is about a Koala that walks into a bar on Magnetic Island, it is no joke, the bartender talks about the big male Koala as if he's just a cute visiting tourism draw card, and how lovely for them.
While many have suggested it is critically important for our island, our environmental future, to have a decent and environmentally balanced future we have a moral obligation upon us as custodians of this plot of dirt floating in space to ensure we maintain the delicate balance of plants and animals.
To do that some have suggested that we introduce some more interest into our daily lives so Australians want to keep these animals around. How about a koala leg for dinner instead of a roasted chicken, or flying fox with Australian rice or perhaps slow roasted possum and steamed vegies?
If it was good enough for aboriginal Australians to live off and many will tell you that they were the original environmentalists why isn't it good enough for modern day Australians to consume native animals, especially when their numbers artificially become unbalanced? Grab the barbie and … Turn It Up I'm Michael Robinson

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1 comment:

  1. It's the humans who have become unbalanced - in numbers and other ways! Too many humans = not enough habitat/food for original species and conflict between new and old denizens. With the humans having the power to label other species as overpopulating, invading, nuisance or whatever. It worked for the early human inhabitants to eat native animals simply because there were too few of them and they were too nomadic, to seriously impact on either local or metapopulations of those animals.