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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pedestrian safety not a sacred cow

Perhaps I'm just getting older and grumpier or perhaps I am simply more aware of this lately but as a driver I think Sydney's pedestrians have become a pest on the roads, they are more random and more dangerous than a kangaroo on the side of the open road at night and many wander around just like the sacred cows in India as if they own the road and every one else has to give way to them.

I grew up in the country in Northern New South Wales and I was taught that as a pedestrian we had to avoid the cars, they are bigger, faster, harder to stop and frankly, they hurt a lot when they hit you.

Over the past few years I've seen the usual news stories about road safety for pedestrians but what I haven't seen is a pedestrian education campaign to tell pedestrians to watch out for themselves.

Many people on foot behave as if they have the right to wander where-ever they may choose and vehicle drivers simply have to stop or dodge them.
Being a pedestrian is not a sacred cow, isn't it time people took some responsibility for their own safety and stopped walking across the road without looking. Oh you trust someone else who you have never met - to see you in time - and stop before they smash you into the asphalt, Turn It Up

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