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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More hot air about hot air and the Carbon Tax we are supposed to have .... and how 'they' intend to make us want it.

The Gillard government is now asking the Productivity Commission to hold an inquiry to see what other countries are doing on this issue of fixing a price on carbon.

Its more than a bit odd, and more than unnecessary because they government, should already be able to tell us what the rest of the world is doing on this pet issue of theirs. But they want the apparent credibility of an inquiry finding that they aren't taking Australia down the garden path alone.

Mind you don't expect to see any remnant of logic in that report or a real inquiry whether a carbon tax is necessary, in the country's interests or the better option because the inquiry will be all about what is an option they can justify, not the option we really need.

The Prime Minister yesterday lectured the Opposition on their stubbornness to continue insisting on some sort of scrutiny over the government's other pet project the $43 Billion technology largess into the NBN all the while herself refusing to send either the carbon tax or the NBN off for any close scrutiny by any government body.  Turn It Up!

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