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Monday, November 29, 2010

Laws need to be enforced, but only on those who don't voluntarily comply.

Well what a weekend it has been, Julia Gillard has promised that next year she will take action on her political romises, and Bob Brown has told people its not easy being Green. Well I'd say not easy being watermelon green in an Australian summer when you you wear a green mask and claim to be green and are pink and red commie on the inside of your political policies.
But this past weekend gets even weirder. Willie Nelson has been arrested by immigration officials in Texas for importing pot. Yep the grass smoking Willie pro-drug-legalisation campaigner has had the law catch up with him and aren't the pro-legalisation crowd going to town in support of him.
Frankly, I've heard all the crazy lines before the most obscure one is that marijuana is a plant so it can't possibly hurt you is a line that is often used in total ignorance of any number of natural plants that will kill you.
Of course there are some who want to debate the merits and issues all week but the bottom line with anyone in America, just as it is in Australia, is that the law says it is illegal to posses a prohibited substance and cannabis is one of those.

Of course there is always someone who claims that the law should not apply to them because they don't agree with it, Turn It Up...Laws need to be enforced, but only on those who don't voluntarily comply.

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  1. I've only posted one side of this really today, I'll post links from other points of view later, they are easy to find but I'll put them here before some people start saying "everyone supports legalisation" - oh so not true.

  2. Here's the link, she really promises action, ....promise....