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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse - tragic death was hardly a shock to those who knew here

Good Morning Di,
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We may never have an official confirmation whether or not drugs were the official direct cause of the tragic death of singer Amy Winehouse.

However, headlines calling her death a surprise and shocking, have - just as - tragically missed the mark.

Fans may be shocked to loose a great singer and performer, and it is always a sad tragedy whenever we loose anyone, especially to the consequences of their addictions but the death of an addict living a life like Amy Winehouse was, is neither a surprise nor a mystery.

Drug addicts don’t always die in a direct way from a bad batch or from an overdose.
A bit like the damage every cigarette does, using and abusing various substances including illicit drugs causes long term damage to the brain, the heart and basically your health. 
As these deaths aren’t always reported as a death caused by drug use there is some pressure for the statistics to more accurately record the contribution drugs had in the death.

Ask any addict do they want to be addicted to drugs and they will tell you to ….

… Turn It Up

… I’m Michael Robinson





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