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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Science of the future is not infallible

Good Morning Di,

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While the Prime Minister has been talking up the need for Australians to move forward and forget the political promises she made to them at the last election
and has broken since...

… One issue in the whole climate debate issue sticks out like a sore thumb,

. . . and that is the implied infallibility of the government scientists to predict the future.

For all the talk about science, and scientists saying this thing or that, this one thing isn’t being closely scrutinised.

But it is the one thing any credible scientist should be pointing out.
The data they have collected is always going to be incomplete, there are many variables they don’t even know about let along have considered in their modelling.

That is why scientists make certain assumptions and, sometimes they are wrong.

Their data and their assumptions get put into a computer model, and we are supposed to just accept that the government’s scientists are perfect, and that their modelling is perfect and that their calculations predictions and indeed that the Australian government’s scientists themselves are  infallible...

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