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Monday, July 4, 2011

UFOs Exposing the Deception

UFOs - Expose the deception

Next time someone talks about UFO's you can raise this thought with them, don't have to argue it, just let them consider it and be aware.

Most people don't want to know. But I want to share another point of view that very few have considered.....

Despite the increase in information about "UFO's / Aliens" I don't think all is what it seems to be, even this video hasn't quite got to the truth, few have in my view but for those who can see, hear and discern, let them know the truth.

Are there "UFO's", are there aliens from other planets visiting us?  Well perhaps many have seen the "cover story of the illusion” and in that they've hit the cover story right on the head and that is the intention of all the subterfuge and the deception to date.  It is a deception that I expect will be revealed to us all, but......

There is a deception within the deception.

It is a bit like the movie "V" but far more sinister.  The “alien entities” are not "lizards" or even "human like" but they are spiritual beings.  These are beings cast out into our universe and like I said most people want to believe they are aliens and don’t want to question that claim.

Consider the alternative that I believe is the truth.  It is a truth that  would require everyone to admit that there is a God and there is a Satan and they would be forced to choose between them, and they would be forced to admit that the bible is true.

(I believe in freedom of religion and freedom of speech.  I believe the bible is true and if you don’t believe that then you are free to do so but I’d encourage you to consider the alternative.)

Governments lie to cover up the arrival of aliens.  At least that is what we’ve been told by those calling for full disclosure of alien arrivals.  Yes, governments do lie to the people  for many reasons, fear, unknowing, mystery, power etc.  The real question is are those in power who think they are dealing with aliens also being misled?

If people think we are alone then they believe that .... very few people want to really know otherwise.

We are not alone, but there aren't aliens out there. Just my view on this issue of course.

So here is what I think is going on and is worth knowing about.

Here's one view to consider (if you read the Bible including Revelation this might fit with that too)

“Fallen angels” living in what might be called "another dimension" ie in the spiritual world yet trapped here on earth are complicit in creating a subtle brainwashing operation for all people.  This long term operation is  to create the  expectation that one day we will see  the arrival of some benevolent beings of light that have come from afar who will return to earth where they onced visited and will again return to see how mankind has done since these beings created the human race.

It is an elaborate spiritual hoax to eliminate the need and existence of God.  So we can expect that eventually they will arrive.

As I have already said they will not be as they appear and there will be a deception. To date there has been a great deception about the "Conspiracy theory" and even the "Full Disclosure".

Many people want to believe we are not alone.

I find it strange they willingly believe something that everything we know suggests is impossible if not likely, but many refuse to acknowledge the existence of God and refuse to believe the biblical teaching about our existence.

ie That God created us to be with Him....that is our Purpose which is why many are hollow and empty searching elsewhere.

Of course God's opposition does not want people to Know God, to be reunited with Him and Satan does not want people to accept Christ’s free gift of unity with God and life eternal with God so every trick that Satan can use he will use.

So even when these beings arrive and reveal themselves to the people does anyone really think they will reveal what they are?  No they won’t.  The deception within the deception will continue.  (Again I refer to the Movie V, it has been revealed by the great deceiver who couldn't help to boast about it .... if you believe Hollywood is His mouth piece, that may be a stretch maybe.....maybe not.)

However when these beings arrive.....Even that will be a deception, they aren't bringers of truth or light, they aren't equal to us as citizens of the Universe and of God’s creation as they are angels who were thrown out of heaven for daring to disobey God.

They are creating a deception that is designed to entrap more victims of their disobedience.
It is important that we know the truth so we are not deceived.

Ask yourself, what is the truth?

Question, do not accept the deception within the deception.

I was in 1988 when I first got onto this position I, must admit I was tipped off to this information by someone who knew more about this topic than most ever will and he had the Australian and American Governments quite scared.

At that time I didn't think much of the One World Government elite or Masons controlling the population but it has been said that this is all part of the subterfuge for the "we're all consciousnesses as there is no God type theory".

Next time someone talks about UFO's or a Universal Consciousness or anything that denies God, Christ and our opportunity to be Spiritually reunited with God through grace and the free gift Jesus Christ offers remember we cannot win or earn Salvation through anything that we do.

Salvation and unity with God is something God gives us through Christ and we accept or reject it.

There are many deceptions to distract people away from this one truth.

If you want to know the truth and experience all that God has in store for us in this eternal life than I urge you to consider this for yourself and when others talk about UFOS  you can raise this thought with them, don't have to argue it, just let them consider it and be aware and encourage them to see through the deception within the deception.

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