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Monday, July 4, 2011

Border control fails if any element fails - especially when staff and Advisors aren't up to the role.

This weekend’s papers carried headlines that one of Australia’s border control radars were not picking up the people smuggler’s wooden boats and therefore the editor labelled the radar system a failure.

It is a little difficult for me to rush to the defence of the radar system it’s self because frankly it doesn’t work that well.


Lets not get too carried away picking out one piece in the border protection system and expecting it to do the job of the entire system.

Anyone who has listened me will know that I’ve been among those who have raised this issue for a decade.

In that time, no matter who was in government, the problem has continued to be The Customs department’s total reliance on Clerical officers.

Officers who were recruited, selected and trained for their attitudes and aptitudes not for control roles but to do clerical work, with no consideration of the role Customs has in border protection law enforcement and control functions.

So we ask:  What happens when you do it that way?

Are the clerically trained officers advising the government well and protecting this nation in a way that is effective?

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