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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facts about Breivik's murderous hatred show dangers of drug use

Norway’s mass murderer Breivik is now being falsely labelled as a Christian by some of the world’s media in what I can only call as some pathetic left wing attempt to discredit Christians.

Brevik’s hatred of Muslims in no way comes from any form of Christianity, nor is there any evidence that he is a Christian. 

What isn’t yet proven, but is suspected by those who have seen this pattern before, is that Brevik’s madness and hatred have been brewed in drug abuse.

While some media want to use this murderous act to split the community and divide them on religious grounds thankfully most people in Norway have united and stood together.

To ignore the affects of drugs and try and label Brevick as a Christian instead of as a mad drug user shows that some media are eager to lean on bias rather than on facts.

There is no actual association proven that he is involved with any Christian organisation.  No church affiliation.  No actual Christian beliefs.

So ... Can we expect all the media to report all the verifyable facts in a credible and unbiased way?

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With many thanks to Torgny for this further information about the Norwegian madman is available at the blog at

Look for the "Kategorier"-section on the right hand side - then click on "Norge - Terror" where you´ll find the info I´ve published so far - most of it in Swedish but also English material, e.g. the madman´s so-called "manifesto" and the video he placed on YouTube.




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