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Friday, July 29, 2011

Fat or thin so what?

One of the things I’ve never really fully understood is the need that some people have to comment on another person’s weight.

In particular when you look at fashion shows, models, dancers, and magazines many of the people are a particular size and shape.

But it isn’t just in fashion.

Recently at the Royal Wedding there was a lot of comment made about the size and weight of Kate, and her sister. 

 Some magazines are still publishing photos and comments on her every public appearance.  

They say she she is too thin but isn’t the real issue whether she is she healthy at that weight?
Perhaps that is her natural comfortable size.

I feel as though I can comment on this because a lot of my relatives have this topic covered, many are extremely thin, some are not and genetically one side of my family has a lot of thin build people.

So what.

Does it make someone a lesser person because they aren’t carrying around the national average of obesity?

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