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Friday, July 15, 2011

Carbon Tax Coal cuts will cut deep

Yesterday I spoke about the plans that the Government and the Greens have to reduce Australia’s reliance on coal, currently one of the cheapest sources of
energy available and push Australian homes and industries towards the use of renewable energies like wind and solar.

Now I like the idea of renewable energy and so does the government it seems, but there is a difference between liking an idea and deciding that the time is right for it.

Instead of putting the more than ten billion dollars of public money into proper care for our sick and elderly, our homeless and to better educate our young people for the future this government will put that money into propping up an industry that is still in the research and development phase.

Instead of Australia using a cheap coal source of energy and using those savings to invest in public housing and other important immediate needs the people of Australia.
Well we must all make sacrifices, starting with those who can least afford them...

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