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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Greens agenda exposed as they attempt to crush free speech

Freedom of the press is something we pretty much take for granted here in Australia.  It is a fundamental expression of our community freedom of expression, and our individual freedom of speech.

The media, whether it is print, TV, Internet or radio, are free to express their own views, as well as report on various stories... be they opinion or fact, and so is the wider Australian public.  

But now that the Greens have a little taste of their new power they have discovered that the media is want to more closely examine that power and real agenda of the Greens.

And what we see is that the Greens don’t like having the truth be told.

Senator Christine Milne has suggested that what is needed is that Australia’s freedom of speech and freedom of expression should be crushed and the government licenses but  for approved media to be allowed to publish or broadcast.  

What that means is that if you don’t say what the Greens want you to say then you don’t get your media licence.

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