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Friday, July 1, 2011

Australian Government Created The Beef Industry Mess They Are Now Bailing Out (with taxpayer dollars)

Yesterday the Federal Government announced a $30 million assistance scheme to help the Australian beef industry and cattle farmers.


Because of the federal government’s own rush to make a snap decision,
- a decision without industry notice,
- a decision without industry consultation and
- a decision this government made,
...created this mess.

Instead of working with the industry, working diligently through the issues and helping the industry remain viable, instead of consulting the industry, keep jobs and keep farmer’s livelihoods ….and protect animal welfare.

Instead of all that.

The federal government decided to make a quick and bad decision.  

It is the Australian Gillard Government that put jobs, incomes, and the welfare of animals on farms where farmers now have no income, 

.....the Gillard Government put all that at risk .  

The government’s savage attack on the industry was more like a shark attack.

(I make no apology for the strong imagery because what is at stake is both lives and livelihoods of Australians.)

Then to announce a $30 million Australian taxpayer funded Bandaid for the mangled mess of the industry …  to use public money to assist an industry when our own Federal  government created that mess ...well that  is like the shark giving it’s victim a Bandaid.

….Turn It Up

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